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This stamp was created with the purpose of promoting electronic music genre.
Synthesizer dance, Italo Disco, Spacesynth, Hi-Nrg, Synthwave. The idea of ​​getting the audience to offer a form of electric music and the infinite possibilities of this musical expression arises. Among those we can know that they will take much force; projects: Ultron, Real Impulse, Lori, Dreamline, Lorena Michelon,  Jacqueline and Artemysia; others that go forming in the ranks of this label.
The Spacesynth originated in the mid-80s. At that time synthesizers and electronic sounds had become an essential part of popular music and were widely used by artists like Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Laser Dance, Koto , Proxyon and Art of Noise. The Magnetic Fields 2 as synthpop, Pulstar, Magic Fly, Depche Mode, Human League, Jazoo these tracks are well known today.
Label dedicated to Promote Spacesynth, Synthesizerdance, Spacedisco, Nu-Disco, New Wave, synth music and rock as well.

Label dedicated to promote Spacesynth, Synthesizerdance,    Spacedisco, Italo Disco, Hi-Nrg, New Wave, Synth Music.